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Metaldetektor - Elliptic Se fuld størrelse

Metaldetektor - Elliptic

Elliptic Security Metal Detector

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This new Elliptic security metal detector has recently been released and is in use by the highest level of government agencies for presidential protection. It is also in use by the US Marshals Service, Madison Square Garden and Colt Manufacturing. This security metal detector has the features that are consistent with all CEIA Security Detectors: Total Security, Very High Immunity, High Discrimination, Excellent Reliability and Safety.

True Portability

The Elliptic allows you to assemble and disassemble the metal detector in less than 5 minutes thus allowing a truly portable detector. The detector has an Elliptic profile thus allowing good stability in outdoor applications. In addition the unit meets ADA requirements as a standard feature. For specific security applications the metal detector unit can be equipped with a water resistant control head and a Main Battery Supply Unit allowing continuous power for up to 8 hours on its own power supply.

Affordable Pricing

The new Elliptic security metal detector is priced to be very affordable for all applications while providing exceptional performance compared to other metal detectors available in the market today. Please call or write for specific pricing.

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