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Bog: Target USA

The inside story of the new terrorist war

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by Louis R. Mizell

Many Americans still believe that terrorism plagues only other nations, places
such as
Jerusalem and Beirut, Belfast and London, Tokyo and Paris, Berlin and Bogot . Not here, not
in the United
States, they think. Their perception is dead wrong." from the Introduction

= = = = = = = =

"Mizell is your first line of defense against getting your legs blown off in a terroris
perpetrated by zealots you never knew existed." - from the Foreword by James Grady, author
of Six Days
of the Condor.

= = = = = = = =

"Shattering the talking-head world of touchie-feelie pseudoacademics and
counterterterrorists, Lou Mizell's ground-level lessons from the real world give us an accurate,
look at some of the world's most resourceful, enterprising, and deadly terrorists. Mizell is a
warrior who has
put his life on the line, and his experience can help teach us how to survive these nasty,
times." John
Weisman, author of the New York Times bestselling Rogue Warrior series.

= = = = = = = =

"Mizell writes from his own experience, which is the stuff of suspense fiction,
except it's all real.
We all need to pay attention to what he has to say before it's too late." Mark Olshaker,
novelist and
coauthor of Mindhunter and Journey into Darkness.

= = = = = = = =

"Effective security depends upon good intelligence. Lou Mizell understands this
better than
anyone. He has smelled the cordite and walked amidst the shattered glass and shattered
lives. Every
reader could learn from Lou's experience." Donald E. Moss, Deputy Chief, NYPD, Retired
Former Chief
of Bronx Detectives.

= = = = = = = =

"Target U. S. A. provides essential knowledge of domestic terrorist activities for
all law
enforcement personnel. Lou Mizell has provided a spellbinding summary of the current threat
to our nation.
This book is a must read." Lieutenant Colonel Matt Tyszka, Connecticut State Police.

= = = = = = = =

"An enemy with a thousand faces has declared war on the United States, and the
fighting has
already commenced. The battlefields are neither deserts nor tropical jungles, but office
buildings, hotels,
churches, airports, and even quiet suburban streets. The enemy soldiers, rarely in uniform,
are virtually

"The war is terrorism and, as the Oklahoma City and World Trade Center
bombings have so
chillingly shown, it is unlike any other threat the United States has ever encountered. In this
riveting frontline
report, renowned counterterrorism expert Louis R. Mizell tells the inside story of the
escalating terrorist war
in America. Drawing on his firsthand experience as an intelligence officer with the U.S. State
Mizell details the methods, the motives, and the tactics of extremist groups and individuals
while revealing
the big picture that most of the media either misses or ignores.

"Target U. S. A. is a vivid, fast-paced narrative filled with chilling accounts of
terrorist acts from
around the country. Mizell paints a hardhitting portrait of a once shielded society that is no
longer a safe
haven. The facts are documented, disturbing, and alarming: Puerto Rican terrorists planted a
bomb in a
New York tavern, killing five Sikh terrorists systematically assassinated targets in the
Midwest a team of
Libyan terrorists set up a secret training camp in Colorado and Croatian terrorists
committed scores of
violent acts that were reported as street crime. Shocking you-are-there accounts expose
terrorist actions at universities, hotels, restaurants, and banks, as well as brazen, broad
assassination attempts on political leaders.

"Using professional sources unavailable to most researchers, Mizell provides
information on established foreign and domestic groups, new emerging operations, and
current targets,
trends, and tactics in terrorism information the general public never sees. Particularly
provocative is his
report on how many unpublicized terrorist operations occur almost daily on American soil,
often appearing
as routine bank robberies or gun shop burglaries.

"With special access to interrogation reports, confiscated documents, and other
untapped confidential materials, Mizell supplies profiles of terrorists the nationalists, the
ideologues, the
religious zealots, and the unaffiliated loners that will change the way you read the news.

"If it is true that the best defense of democracy is an informed citizenry, Target U.
S. A. is urgent,
compelling, and essential reading for all Americans."

= = = = = = = =


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