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Bog: Assassin!

From Lincoln to Gandhi.

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In Assassin! -From Licoln to Gandhi. Paul Garbutt narrates many of the best known - and controversial - assassinations over the past century and a half.

These include:

Abraham Lincoln -The killing og the man who led the union to victory over the slave owning Confederate states.

Gregory Rasputin -The assassination of the man who refused to die, a man whose malign influence over the russian royal family helped pave the way for revolution in 1917.

Leon Trotsky -Killed by an icepick through his head in mexico when the bolschevik revolutionaries fell out after the death of Lenin.

John F Kennedy -The controversial killing of the US President in Dallas. Fourty years on the truth of the assassination is still hotly debatted.

Earl Mountbatten of Burma -The massacre of Earl Mountbatten and members of his family by an IRA bomb was one of the terroristgroups worst atrocities.

Anwar Al-sadat -Proof that international succes was no guarantee of popular support at home.

Rajiv Gandhi -The tensions of postimperial India have clearly been demonstrated in the tragedies that has befallen Gandhis family.

Plus many others including Lord Frederick Cavendish, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Reinhard Heydrich.

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